California Water Drought Over Or Is It?

This video is from a couple years ago but I found super interesting today because California is now said to be drought free.  It will be interesting to see if it does indeed last.  And what will happen to Central California areas that have suffered so badly from drought?  Will they get the water they need and have wanted for so long or are there political forces also at work that will keep that from happening?  Super interesting to watch and see.


Water Softeners – How They Work

My company doesn’t really do water softeners.  We will if a client really wants one but normally we prefer water conditioners over softeners.  Some people are just “softener” people.  They are very set in their minds that a softener is the only thing that will work for them.

We have a lot of luck with conditioners and solving or reducing hard water issues.  That is mostly what a softener is for.  They combat hard water.  And a water conditioner does the same without all the drawbacks of a softener.  There is no salt with a conditioner and they don’t discharge anything harmful to the environment like the brine water softeners kick out.  Plus, you shouldn’t drink tap water that is run through a softener.  There is way too much salt in that water and it could be harmful to your health.  But some people still want a softener.

Two things people don’t always understand about softeners is:

1) They don’t filter water on their own.  You need to have a filter attached to them in some way if you have concerns about chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, pesticides and other harmful contaminants common to our tap water nowadays.

2) There is NO SUCH THING AS A SALT FREE WATER SOFTENER.  The term “salt free water conditioner” or anything like that is used people because people think a water conditioner is the same thing as a softener but without the salt.  Water can ONLY be soften by using salt.  Hard water problems are reduced or solved by a water condition in a completely different manner that has nothing to do  with softening.  Many companies use the “salt free water conditioner” term as a way to get in front of potential customers.  And we do also but we are very fast to explain to our clients that they are not getting a “salt free softener.”  Other companies, from what we’ve heard, use the term loosely and don’t let the clients know they are getting a conditioner instead of a softener.

I know it’s confusing but that is how it works.

And speaking of how things work…  I like this explanation of a how a water softener works.  It is well done and easy to understand.

Problems Caused by Hard Water in Orange County CA Cities

Problems caused by hard water in Orange County CA are a pain. Hard water is caused when dissolved calcium and magnesium separate from the water as scale. Scale builds up on the insides of pipes, water heaters, teakettles, coffeemakers and industrial machinery and clogs them. Scale reduces flow through pipes and is a poor conductor … Continue reading Problems Caused by Hard Water in Orange County CA Cities

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How To Clean a Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

This is good information to know when it comes to come maintenance on a water conditioner.  Watch the whole “how to” video below. We’re going to show you now, how to clean the core in one of our exterior catalytic water conditioners.  (Water conditioners help solve hard water issues without the use of salt like … Continue reading How To Clean a Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

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